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Distinguished and Famous people from Dundas

1. Charles Yelverton O'Connor (1843–1902)

Charles Yelverton O'Connor was an Irish-born engineer who played a vital role in the development of Western Australia. He designed and oversaw the construction of the Fremantle Harbour and introduced a water supply pipeline that provided freshwater to the Goldfields region. O'Connor's contributions were instrumental in the economic growth and prosperity of Western Australia.

2. Sir Walter James (1863–1943)

Sir Walter James was a prominent political figure in Western Australia. He served as the Premier of Western Australia from 1902 to 1904 and again from 1905 to 1911. James initiated various reforms during his tenure, including improvements to education, agriculture, and public infrastructure. He was highly regarded for his leadership and contributions towards the progress of the state.

3. Judith Adams (born 1948)

Judith Adams is an accomplished artist known for her contemporary artwork. Her works often depict the unique landscapes of Dundas and Western Australia. She has exhibited her pieces extensively both nationally and internationally, earning recognition and praise for her exceptional talent and artistic exploration.

4. Robert Juniper (1929–2012)

Robert Juniper was a renowned Australian painter and sculptor. His artworks often showcased the natural beauty of Western Australia, capturing the essence of the land through vibrant colors and expressive brushwork. Juniper's works have been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums, solidifying his position as one of Australia's most esteemed contemporary artists.

5. David Wirrpanda (born 1980)

David Wirrpanda is a former Australian rules football player who hails from Dundas. He achieved great success in his career, playing over 200 games for the West Coast Eagles in the Australian Football League (AFL). Wirrpanda is also known for his involvement in various charitable initiatives, particularly in promoting education and social well-being among Indigenous communities.

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